May 2002:  A Mr B Gabis, from somewhere, writes


  Thought you might be interested in these pictures.  Perhaps you might like to include them on your web-site.   Now, as you well know, I am actually a giraffe loving person,(editor's note- what a sicko eh?) but even I was pretty shocked by these.  What's more, they were on a leaflet that was pushed through my door this morning by our postie.  I think I shall have to write to the Royal Mail to complain about this giraffe terrorism.  First anthrax, and now this.  It's getting worse!  Mind you, it could be useful therapy for giraffaphobics.  Once you've seen these, ordinary giraffes might look quite cute and unscarey.


  And if you're brave enough, click on these to see Mr Gabis's terrifying pictures full size.


  December 2002: A Mr C Whitney, probably also from somewhere, writes


  Think your fears are unjustified? Read this!

(The "rogue" giraffe at the top of the list of suspects in the death of an American tourist has fallen off a cliff)
I am currently re-examining my position on Giraffes


  And this was so shocking that the December 2002 issue of Giraffe Hater's Monthly has reproduced this article in full ('cause it's easier than editing it). see News. Thank you for your warning Mr C Whitney, particularly at this time of year when people may be thinking of buying their kids a giraffe or two for christmas.


  August 2003: A Mr Gus Bridges, from somewhere else, writes


  GOOD NEWS. While pretending to work I came across this piece of exceptionally welcome reportage from the Animal News Centre,

"Giraffe Killed by Lightning at Disney's Animal Kingdom"



As usual, we've ripped off this story and featured it in this month's edition of Giraffe Hater's Monthly - see News. Thank you Mr Gus Bridges, this has prompted us to start a campaign to have all giraffes fitted with 100 foot long lightning conductors.



  January 2004: A Ms anniecarpenter, apparently from West Sussex, writes


  I was looking for somewhere to buy an Inflatable Giraffe to put on the stage and found you on Google.

We have just started a monthly Stand-up comedy night at our theatre-Chequer Mead in East Grinstead, West Sussex


Giraffe Comedy Club (so named after the well known Cockney saying..yer 'avin'a Giraffe, mate)

If you would like to add our website as a link plus the Comedy club organisers, here you go.


Thank you Ms annie, even though we have no idea why you should think a serious and educational web site (like what we are) would be at all interested in such light hearted matters, we've put your place on the links page anyway.  And here's a picture of an inflatable giraffe for you (click here). I don't know where you buy these, but maybe you could use the picture to help you draw some plans then build your own out of giraffe patterned condoms and sellotape, or something.



  May 2004: An Evelyn Bridges, from Aberystwyth, writes


  Warning, picture attached.

Thank you for the warning Evelyn. In turn, we must warn everyone else that this picture is in very bad taste, and (hopefully) offensive. Here it is.



  May 2004: A Mr Gordon Wilmot, until now one of my best friends, writes


  Be Afraid

Thank you for the extremely vague warning you evil bastard. This is possibly the most disturbing giraffe image in existence. Here it is.  (warning - do not look at the picture for more than 4.5 seconds)